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IMG_6870 * We took a train in from Vateras to Stockholm,it took about an hour to do so. This is outside Central Station in Stockholm * 1199 x 899 * (114KB)
IMG_6873 * Stockholm is made up of 14 islands, there are bridges and ferrys to get you around. * 1199 x 899 * (127KB)
IMG_6885 * A view of the Grand Hotel, it opened in 1874. * 1199 x 899 * (127KB)
IMG_6896 * 1199 x 899 * (74KB)
IMG_6902 * This ship is actually used as a Hostel now. * 899 x 1199 * (124KB)
IMG_6920 * This museum houses the Vasa ship.  The Vasa sunk on its maiden voyage in 1628 just 10 minutes out.  Because the Baltic Sea is brackish and is not too salty, the worms that usually destroys wooden ships in a matter of decades does not reside here.  The Vasa was recovered nearly intact 350 years later! * 1199 x 899 * (130KB)
IMG_6922 * An amusement park as viewed on our boat tour around Stockholm * 1199 x 899 * (99KB)
IMG_6930 * On our tour we went through two locks that join Lake Malaren and the Baltic Sea * 899 x 1199 * (144KB)
IMG_6968 * Me, listening to the tour in english. * 1199 x 899 * (80KB)
IMG_6992 * This rather regal building is actually a home for the elderly.  Many travelers on ships and otherwise often mistake it for the Royal Palace * 1199 x 899 * (106KB)
IMG_6998 * This clown can be found everywhere in Sweden, even when we were in the country, he is the logo for a brand of Ice Cream, and also Yvonne's new best friend. * 899 x 1199 * (151KB)
IMG_7005 * This was taken in Old Town (Gamla Stan) and is full of shops and restaurants on narrow and crowded streets. The upper floors are used for residences * 899 x 1199 * (143KB)
IMG_7015 * A Royal Swedish Guard standing outside the Royal Palace. There was a power outage the day we went to tour it, so we were not able to see the inside. * 899 x 1199 * (117KB)
IMG_7016 * Notice the tan lines from my socks! * 1199 x 899 * (106KB)
IMG_7049 * Our friends Tomas and Teresa met up with us one of the days, Tomas is a Swedish National that is working at the Lab through the Univ. Of Stockholm.  Tomas was back home for a few weeks when Teresa flew out to visit him. * 1199 x 899 * (151KB)
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